Wild Surprise Ron Timmer

how about this change. 4 card changes into Another card

Wild Surprise

From the creative mind of Dutch magician, Ron Timmer comes a clean version of a Wild card routine.

Imagine you spread out four bicycle playing cards face down and place them on a table. You ask a spectator to selected a card, say he picks the eight of hearts.

Now you turn over the tabled cards and show that they are NOT the same card, in fact, you are not even close.. they are all kings of spades for example.

It is time for some great magic that will blow them away. You take one king and change it into their chosen eight of hearts! They won’t believe what just happened.

But you are not done yet… You take the next king and also change it into the eight of hearts. In fact … you change the other two kings also into the selected card leaving you with four eight of hearts.

You can cleanly show fronts and backs. They only see 4 eights and 4 backs!


  • High impact: you change four cards into the selected card
  • You can show four cards front and back before the change
  • You can show four cards front and back AFTER the change too.
  • No fake counts- just spread out the cards like laymen would count four cards
  • Very easy to do
  • Perform it reversed! Thus making it an INSTANT RESET

Wild Surprise comes complete with custom-made bicycle gimmicks and DVD instruction.


wild surprise ron timmer


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