STAB Peter Eggink

most visual restoration of a (borrowed) bill


Stab by Peter Eggink (Magic From Holland)

A card is selected from the deck, folded in half widthwise and the center is torn out so an actual hole is created in the middle of the card. 

Next, you borrow a bill from your spectator, fold it in half lengthwise and place it in-between the folded card. 

The bill can be clearly seen through the hole at all times throughout the routine. With a (borrowed) pen or pencil, you now stab right through 

the center of the bill! The pen is unmistakably punched right THROUGH the center of the borrowed bill and is clearly shown on both sides!

The pen is removed…and with a touch of magic, the punched hole seems to have magically healed itself! The freshly restored bill is handed back to its owner straight away as well as the card for her to keep as a unique souvenir!

Stab by Peter Eggink is really a stunning, beautiful piece of organic magic that we know you’ll LOVE!

  • SUPER Visual
  • VERY easy to do
  • Gimmick adapts to any currency
  • 360-degree performing angle
  • Resets in seconds 

Your STAB package comes complete with “training” bills in EURO and USD, gimmicks, and the online streaming tutorial. (Some assembly required).

stab by peter eggink


Thank you for purchasing STAB by Peter Eggink. You should have received a code inside your package. Use this code to unlock this tutorial video. Enjoy!