Risen James Conti

The Classic Rising Card From a (borrowed) card box


Risen by James Conti is the fully examinable rising card! Can be done with a borrowed deck of cards from a (borrowed) box.

Borrow or use your own deck of cards. Ask your spectator to open the box (and he can check the box if desired), shuffle the deck, and remove ANY card.

Your spectator puts all the remaining cards back in the box and signs the selected card. The selected card is put in the deck and you close the box. All fair and nothing suspicious.

Now you take the box, put in some magical energy, open it, and slowly one card rises from the center of the deck. It is the selected card. You give the card to the spectator and immediately HAND OUT everything!

Before and after the rise everything is completely examinable. No strings attached to the card, nothing attached to your body, and no loops around your wrist!

No need to ditch or steal anything.

Risen: A great and very clever idea from James Conti, proudly produced by MagicfromHolland


Thank you for purchasing Risen by James Conti. You should have received a code inside your package. Use this code to unlock this tutorial video. Enjoy!