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We sell lots of great Magic tricks for all ages and levels. All products can be purchased through our partner Magicshop.nl, based in the Netherlands or ask your favorite magic dealer for our products. We ship worldwide!



Joël Harbers is back with another KILLER tool for every magician. This is something for everyone!


Are you looking for a GREAT way to control a selected card? Look no further. This is Breakless. Instant Download



Sixpack by Ferry de Riemer is our all-time best selling card trick! Fronts and back changes in front of your spectators eyes. Check out the trailer!


A clean and visual card rising effect that can be done with a borrowed deck of playing cards. 


Not just a trick, but a gimmick with lots of possibilities. Check out the trailer and order online at our parner Magicshop.nl


This is probably the only card box you’ll need. Period. A very clever gimmick for many possibilities


A prediction other than all predictions. They think you have messed up, but this surprising kicker they haven’t seen coming

More to come

We have many more great Magic tricks available for you. We are updating this page soon. Please check out our complete range here: