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Magic From Holland BESTSELLER:

Sixpack - Ferry de Riemer

€ 35


Sixpack is our all-time bestselling Magic trick. One deck of cards – SIX different sides

Show a mixed deck of blue playing cards. Then all cards change to the same card. Next, the backs change to green and then ALL cards change to ANOTHER card! Turn the green cards over and show they have changed to red and finally all cards change to different cards… with a blue back.

Easy to perform!

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Magic From Holland is leading in creating Magic in the Netherlands. Some of our best selling tricks are Sixpack (Ferry de Riemer), CTC project (Peter Eggink), the Best I CAAN (Joel Harbers), Voodoo Needle (Aeon Sun) and Abandoned (Dennis Reinsma).

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Ron Timmer
Ron Timmer
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