Against the Grain
Leando Ferraro

They will read YOUR mind this time

Against the Grain

Against the Grain by Dutch underground Magician Leandro Ferraro will fool your adiences and even your magic friends.

How about a change…
YOU think of a playing card and your spectators are going to read YOUR mind… “I know it’s hard to believe” so you write down something on a piece of paper or on the back of your business card.

Your spectator now will actually read your mind. Let’s say they think that YOU think of the queen of spades.

Let them turn over the piece of paper to be amazed, because right there is written…. A number !?

“oops, allow me to explain, this is my very first deck of cards and someone told me to mark them on the back. I marked them with numbers and believe it or not, but that number acutally IS the queen of spades”…

Remove the card from it’s case and spread though. They will see all different numbers on the backs of the cards. If they would had named the Queen of Hearts for example, it would be a different number.
Yet… turn over the Queen of Spades and it actually has the same number written on the business card.

We from MagicfromHolland tested against the grain literally over hundreds of time in our magic shop and it WILL fool your magic friends and audiences. Why?

NO equivoque or magician’s force (!!)
NO outs
NO double face predictions
NO special envelope

The number you write down BEFORE the trick starts IS the number on the back of the cards.

You will receive everything you need to perform this trick, but you do need to write the numbers yourself. And that is because we give you two MORE options to present this great routine. So make sure you watch the explanation completely before you start writing on your Against the grain deck.

Against the Grain - Leandro Ferraro


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