About us

MagicFromHolland is based in … Holland. The Netherlands.

The founder is Ron Timmer, owner of the largest brick and mortar magic shop in the Netherlands, located in Heemskerk about 20 km’s from Amsterdam. 

Our goal is to deliver quality and practical magic tricks for literally everybody and elevate the success of magicians worldwide! Ron and his small team are dedicated and strive for perfection. We are working with some great minds in magic (like Peter Eggink, Joel Harbers, Kaan Akdogan, James Conti, and more) and help THEM to develop their ideas into a great magic trick.

The experience in both selling and producing magic tricks allows us to deliver the best of the best. Every trick we produce is the result of hard work, perfecting and testing each aspect of the trick.

Many creators contact us with their idea, however… we only select the best. Those tricks will be the tricks sold by Magic From Holland!

the magic shop
Ron Timmer